The consultation on the City centre traffic proposals has begun. If you cycle in Wolverhampton YOU MUST write in with your views before the 25 January. These proposals, if unaltered, will kill off cycling as a viable means of getting round and across the city centre.

"There will also be a special manned exhibition on the lower ground floor of the Mander Centre, next door to Bodycare, from Monday to Saturday November 12-17, 2012, between 11am and 2pm each day. " Please visit it and vent your frustration!

WoWcc will update its Briefing notes on the proposals shortly. It would be good if these were being quoted by every ward councillor because of your letters.

Please watch our Facebook page for updates, do your best and tell your friends and family about our cause.

David Holman
CTC Right to Ride Rep - Wolverhampton
01902 773747 evenings

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