Westminster Avenue to Sutherland Road
This is an important link for cyclists and it is not good enough to mark it on the WCC Wolverhampton Cycle Map and then tell cyclists that they are not allowed to cycle on it.
 cyclists ignore the badly-faded no cycling sign and cycle along it anyway;  the paving flags are in a very poor condition;  the path is badly overgrown with hawthorn bushes: these donít obstruct the path but they create a canopy making the whole environment dank and dark;  students from Colton Hills School use the path as a meeting area (often during lesson times) for smoking and socialising when they should be studying;  the barrier is very awkward for tandems and a no-no for child trailers; the alternative is up Goldthorn Hill which I donít like because of the heavy traffic and the heavy traffic doesnít like it because they often cannot overtake until I reach the top of the hill.
 remove the hawthorn bushes to make the whole area much lighter;  consider levelling out the bank on Colton Hills School playing field so that it makes it more difficult for students to hide when they should be studying;  remove the old paving flags and replace with a much wider tarmac path which has segregated lanes (of contrasting colour) for cyclists and pedestrians;  remove the barrier or if WCC really cannot live without it then a barrier with a RADAR key gate of the type used on the canal towpath by Wolverhampton locks should be used;  avoid planting fast-growing perennial shrubs as these take a lot of maintenance.
 an important link in the Wolverhampton cycle network will be established and this will make a positive statement about cycling and encourage more people to do it;  the environment will be much more pleasant and people will feel safer;  tandems and trailers will not be forced to cycle up Goldthorn Hill which is already heavily-congested.
 cost of the scheme.
WCC should implement this proposal because the initial cost of the scheme will be far less than the cost savings which it generates in terms of reduced congestion and fewer cases of heart disease for the NHS to treat because of more people being encouraged to cycle.
PDF can be downloaded here.
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