Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

Notes of Meeting

Tuesday 17 July, 6pm

Committee Room 2, Civic Centre,

St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton

In attendance: Councillor Martin Waite (chair), Win Sutton,

Dave Clare, Lesley Easter, Mike Jenkins, Tim Philpot

  1. Apologies David Wilson, Steve Young, Julia Brant, Lissa Evans, Richard Preston, Gary Passmore, Carol Bailey, Tom Holness

  1. Minutes of the last meeting (19 April 2018)

It was agreed these were an accurate record of the meeting.

  1. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

    1. Royal Hospital TP advised that although there had been consultation on proposals for the Royal Hospital development there was as yet no planning approval.

  1. Cycling and Walking Investment Plan (LCWIP)

TP explained that the West Midlands Local Authorities are working together to produce a regional investment plan for walking and cycling (LCWIP). The plan is based on selection of strategic routes where it is believed cycling growth can be stimulated by provision of high-quality facilities. Government funding has been secured for this purpose and Atkins (consultants) are supporting development of the plan. The Plan is to form the basis of bids for future funding for cycling infrastructure.

LE asked what sort of cycling facilities were being considered. TP said circumstances would guide what was suitable for each route, but we would be looking for a high standard of facility to suit a range of cycling abilities. CMW asked if the consultants were being informed about proposals for development along these routes. TP replied yes. WS asked will the cycle map be updated, TP replied yes.

  1. Air Quality Standard Compliance

TP advised that the Black Country was preparing a plan for improvement of air quality in line with DEFRA requirements. In Wolverhampton the plan is focused particularly on the north-eastern quadrant of the Ring Road and the Black Country Route. The plan includes measures to promote cycling and walking as modes of transport.

CMW advised that the information underpinning the need for a plan may not be complete. Also, ironically there is some evidence that using pollution data as a means of persuasion results in the opposite effect, in that parents won’t let children walk or cycle because they fear greater exposure to pollution. MJ said he had read of an initiative which had achieved some success in getting parents to stop their engines while queuing near schools. CMW indicated he thought air quality would be the next major public health concern. TP noted that poor air quality had been directly linked to at least one death recently in a high profile case seen in the national press. DC said that schools have varying levels of success at moderating the behaviour of motorists. LE said that secondary schools like St Matthias have achieved some success. CMW expressed that concern that bikes used by children to get to school were often prone to theft. MJ asked why the thieves were not challenged? TP suggested that many social issues were loaded onto schools and it was important to ask whether schools were the only problem? MJ noted that once the charge came into force for emptying of the green waste bin It was likely more green waste would be burned.

  1. Wolves on Wheels

WOW have had a number of internal issues including making procedures GDPR-compliant. SY has managed to resolve these, and the focus has now returned to campaigning.

MJ attended the Wheels For All open day and WMCA design guidance training session and has kept supporters and followers informed on a range of cycling issues. These included cycle parking at the new station and market, and the Bike Hire scheme.

The new park at Akron Gate (Goodyear site) has attracted interest because of the shared use path passing through it. This forms part of a low/no traffic route from the Science Park up to i54. TP explained that the route through the park would eventually be lit, and where it passed through the new housing estate it would be signed, but this is awaiting completion and adoption of the highway.

MJ noted that Wolverhampton Bikeshed in Bradmore offer a low-cost bike maintenance service. They used to do some complex repairs but have scaled back to basics more recently. Wildside are about to start maintenance classes. They also run rides using their own bikes for families, sometimes using the Smestow Valley path and canal towpath. LE said she had set up a community cycling club at Wildside and wanted to promote it.

Highway problem reporting – MJ noted that he had reported a cycleway/footway obstruction to the Council’s general customer services facility but had not received a proper response on it. In the end TP helped to sort the matter out but this was an indication of a system that didn’t work properly. It was suggested that the Report-It app was a more effective means than the general customer services facility for getting results. Another useful option is Fillthathole.

MJ asked if Utility companies were required to give a warranty for reinstatement of highway repairs in case they fail? CMW thinks they do, but such issues need to be reported in order for action to be taken.

MJ asked about the old Sainsbury store site development at St Georges. The site is owned by the Council and currently leased for car parking but is to be sold for housing. The aim is to retain a pedestrian and cycling route through the site linking the Royal Hospital site to the city centre

  1. Infrastructure Ongoing

    1. City centre:- Westside Link is the route between the Transport Interchange and the Westside Development. There is to be a consultation on public realm improvements along this route. TP has sought to ensure cycling is reflected in the proposals.

    2. New market site – covered cycle parking is now in place.

    3. Rail station rebuild is poised to take place. It was queried whether there would be facility for passengers wanting to put their bike safely in the station while getting a drink/going to toilet while waiting to take bike on the train.

    4. Metro extension works are in progress, temporary traffic arrangements are in place

    5. Cycle hub – negotiations still ongoing about this. Interchange is in Cllr Reynolds portfolio.

    6. Canal tunnel lighting – no progress

    7. Penn Rd/Great Brickkiln St signage issues – work imminent to resolve these.

    8. Springfield Campus phase 2 – work scheduled for this year to extend shared use footway along Cambridge St to an enhanced crossing place on Cannock Road

    9. Stafford Road Northern Gateway – work progressing as planned

  1. Infrastructure Proposals Under Development

    1. A454 Willenhall Road – Proposals are being developed for this major scheme. TP aims to ensure the needs of cyclists and pedestrians are represented in these. It is likely consultation plans will be available in September

    2. A 4123 Birmingham New Road - draft proposals were shown to the meeting as indicative of the type of cycling facilities that were being sought along the length of this corridor. There was broad approval for the aspiration shown.

    3. A4124 Wednesfield Road – Nothing to report

  1. Bikeshare scheme –

We are preparing to survey bike hire dock locations for Wolverhampton in advance of a consultation exercise. Anticipated date for local implementation of the scheme is now January 2019.

(cont’d over page)

  1. ESIF Bid

A bid for European Social funding has been put in for solar marker lights on towpath edges. We are awaiting the outcome.

  1. Promotion of Cycling

    1. Velo 2019 – This will now take place in May, a route will be made available shortly

    2. Wheels for All – LE told the group about this project. She is trying to establish a facility for disabled cyclists to enjoy cycling. An open day was held recently to gauge interest in the project and to showcase it to potential funders, the open day was considered a success. It was noted that West Park Hospital is still operating an activity using adapted bikes.

    3. The status of cycling in West Park was queried. It is unclear whether or not it is permitted.

    4. Bikeability

  1. Any Other Business

    1. Forum Meetings 2018-19 proposed dates – July 17 (Tues), October 18 (Thurs), Jan 15 (Tues), April 25 (Thurs)

    1. LE advised that in her role she was seeking to set up Community Cycle Clubs near to infrastructure e.g. canal towpaths. She may be able to offer support to Bikeshed. She intends to look for opportunities at the University and Hilton Hall

WOW Meeting 12th September 2018

Those present:
Jon Rice
David Wilson
Mike Jenkins

Julia Brant


Future Activities

Discussion of MJ's ideas for possible future WOW activities, most with a view to attracting new supporters:

  • Take Part in Bike Week 2019
  • Led rides to look at particular infrastructure features eg out from town along urban braid of NCN81, back along the canal braid.
  • Led rides to certain meeting venues
  • 'Jumble Sale' - see what surplus (cycling) gear supporters want to get rid off, hold a sales plus 'meet & greet' stall at someone else's event.
  • Something to mark WOW's 20th year (started October 1999 at 'The Moon Under Water' if my info is correct).

Many of these would benefit from WOW being covered by Ride Leader and event liability insurance, JR to go ahead and renew Cycling UK affiliation which is due start of October.

Future Meetings
Due to possibility of not having a quorum for October's meeting make this a normal social and postpone the AGM. Hold in the second week so as to be before Cycle Forum on 18/10/18. Try Friday (12th) to see if this attracted more people. JR suggested Lych Gate as this no longer seems as busy at w/e as it once was.


JR noted that viewed from the train the canal towpath between Wolverhampton and Birmingham is much improved.

Need to recognise that there is a mismatch between 'younger' supporters tending to use social media to communicate and the fact that our interaction with the council and others bodies tends to be by more traditional means (email, letter, face-to-face).

Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

Draft Agenda

Tuesday 17 July, 6pm

Committee Room 2, Civic Centre,

St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton

Access via entrance at Molineux end of building

  1. Apologies

  1. Minutes of the last meeting (19 April 2018)

  1. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

    1. Royal Hospital

  1. Cycling and Walking Investment Plan (LCWIP)

  1. Air Quality Standard Compliance

  1. Wolves on Wheels

  1. Report

  2. Low cost options for cycle maintenance

  3. Highway problem reporting

  4. Utility company repairs

  5. Sainsbury site development

  1. Infrastructure Ongoing

    1. City centre:- Westside development - new market site - rail station rebuild – cycle hub – Metro extension works – canal tunnel lighting - Penn Rd/Great Brickkiln St signage

    2. Springfield Campus phase 2

    3. Stafford Road Northern Gateway

    4. Bilston Urban Village

  1. Infrastructure Proposals Under Development

    1. A454 Willenhall Road

    2. A 4123 Birmingham New Road

    3. A4124 Wednesfield Road

  1. Bikeshare scheme – update

(cont’d over page)

  1. ESIF Bid

  1. Promotion of Cycling

    1. Velo 2019 - update

    2. Wheels for All - update

    3. Bikeability

  1. Sustrans

  1. Canals & Rivers Trust

  1. Any Other Business

    1. Forum Meetings 2018-19 proposed dates – July 17 (Tues), October 18 (Thurs), Jan 15 (Tues), April 25 (Thurs)

    1. Cycle map update

    1. Decorative mileposts

    1. Disabled access to cycle routes

Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

Draft Minutes

Thursday 19 April, 6pm

Committee Room 1, Civic Centre,

St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton

Present – Councillor Martin Waite (chair), Steve Young, Dave Clare,

Tim Philpot

  1. Apologies MJ, DW,

  1. Minutes of the last meeting (16 January 2018) were reviewed and accepted as an accurate record

  1. Matters Arising not covered elsewhere in agenda

    1. Royal Hospital Housing Development comments made by WOW and TP but no alternative layouts yet proposed.

  1. Cycling and Walking Investment Plan (LCWIP)

Funding was secured for the West Midlands to develop a joint Cycling and Walking Investment Plan. Consultants have been engaged to collect information from the Local Authorities and develop it into a coherent investment plan focusing on key priorities, drawing on data sources including the Propensity to Cycle tool, and to produce a plan which can be used to bid for funds. This is on a 6-9 month timescale.

  1. Infrastructure Ongoing

    1. City centre:-

Contraflow cycle route improvements to signage; some have now been delivered, some are on order, one has been displaced by Piper’s Row detour works.

Raglan Street; “pedestrians crossing” warning sign is now in place on Chapel Ash

Westside development, outline permission has been granted, reserved matters include detailed cycle routing and facilities.

New market site; parking to remain in original position and orientation, numbers/spacing to be adjusted, more space created between cycle and vehicle parking, cycle parking to be covered

Rail station rebuild; existing forecourt parking (not including new parking in runaround) to be taken out of service around 1 June. Notice will be posted in advance along with alternative temporary arrangements. If temporary parking is not sufficient, please contact TP, ideally send photo evidence. Parking on trackside may have to be relocated temporarily/permanently but the intention is to preserve it if possible.

Station Cycle Hub; no new developments

Metro extension works, detail of works across Railway Drive bridge has come under scrutiny. Issues including the loading limit for the bridge and need for unforeseen measures mean that the likelihood is cycling will be permitted on only one of the bridge footpaths. It remains to be seen if this can be configured exclusively for cycling. It is understood cycling will still be permitted on the Railway Drive carriageway, albeit in close proximity to tram rails.

Because of a temporary pedestrian route diversion, an “end of cycle route” sign will be placed on the ramp up to Bilston Street southern footpath from the Bilston under-roundabout area. This confirms the existing TRO, which will change by the end of the Metro works to allow cycling up to and beyond St George’s Parade.

i9 planning application has been received and is awaiting determination. Positively greeted by WOW chair, who queried customer cycle parking. Possible req. S106.

Railway Drive Canal tunnel lighting, ownership of the tunnel structure is now fully established and so we can proceed with the project

Penn Rd and Great Brickkiln Street cycle route signage to be installed imminently

    1. Springfield Campus phase 2; this comprises further widening of footway to make shared use along Cambridge Street, an enhanced refuge on Cannock Road, pedestrian guardrail and footway widening on Wednesfield Road, shared use from Culwell Street signals to railway bridge and priority signing at bridge. Possible improvement and continuation of shared use around to Albion St (Horseley Fields).

    2. Canal towpath works are largely complete providing consistent high-quality surface from Horseley Fields to Bentley Bridge and from Dixon Street to Deepfields. By the end of the year the towpath will be completely refurbished between Wolverhampton and Birmingham with the exception of the Coseley Tunnel for which a bypass route has been signed. We will look for available funding for signage. It is hoped funding has been secured for the towpath from Coven Heath to i54, leaving a short length still with an old although reasonable surface between i54 and Marsh Lane.

    3. Stafford Road, works progressing on Vine Island to M54 section. We are in early stages of planning for phases 2 and 3 (Three Tuns/Oxley Moor and Five Ways)

    4. Bilston Urban Village, we are working to ensure pedestrian and cycling permeability through the new development and onto the canal towpath. This is tied into some realignment of rights of way. An application has been received to re-site Loxdale Primary School and we are working to ensure there is easy walking and cycling access to the new site. A section of the Bradley Arm Canal has been identified as suitable for a pilot of towpath edge-marking solar lights.

  1. Infrastructure Proposals Under Development

    1. A454 Willenhall Road, Three phases in development. Phase 1 is Ring Road to Walsall St. Needs to cater for access to the station and the developing Canalside Quarter. Phase 2 is Hickman Avenue/Old Heath Road junction, and phase 3 Neachells Lane junction. All will be subject of Major Scheme Bids. The intention to develop consistent high quality provision for cyclists through these schemes and ultimately all the way to Walsall.

    2. A 4123 Birmingham New Road, Multimodal study has been carried out, findings will be circulated to the Forum shortly.

    3. A4124 Wednesfield Road; no progress

  1. Bikeshare scheme

nextbike has been chosen as the provider for the West Midlands Bikeshare scheme on a 5-year contract to be ratified on 25 May. Key criteria in the specification were for a region-wide docked scheme at no cost to the Authorities, and which would integrate with the Swift payment card system. Short-term enable access to and use of parallel routes, long term consider public realm treatment to enhance pedestrian and cycling offer

nextbike offer 5000 bikes and 500 docks as a starting point. Dock locations are to be decided by nextbike in consultation with the Local Authorities. The aim is to install all infrastructure by the end of the first year. Bikes are 8-speed, robust and highly anti-tamper. Payment options include subscription and pay as you go, free usage period per day for all registered users. There will be multiple booking and payment methods. Any suggestions for dock locations welcomed.

  1. ESIF Bid

CoWC has made a bid to ESIF for “Low Carbon” improvements. The bid covers a variety of areas but includes complimentary measures to promote walking and cycling. New infrastructure does not fall within the bid but we have included solar edge-marker lighting on towpaths, wayfinding information totems and usage monitoring. The bid has passed the first round and now needs to be developed into a detailed proposal.

  1. Promotion of Cycling

    1. Velo 2019 now to be held in April, route entirely within West Midlands. It is likely there will be a call for local cycling groups to get involved by taking support roles and running complementary events.

    1. Wheels for All – Lesley Easter, Cycling UK’s Cycling Development Officer for the Black Country, is aiming to establish a Wheels for All base at Aldersley Leisure Village. WfA provides a cycling experience for adults with disabilities. There is no WfA base in the Black Country at the moment and Lesley is setting up a launch event in the Summer to stimulate interest in this.

    1. Aldersley – Dudley Railway Path. No progress at this time

    1. Bikeability -

2017/2018 Bikeability Figures


Bikeability Level 1 713

Bikeability Level 2 1349

Bikeability Level 3 225

Bikeability Learn to Ride 120

A Bikeability Parents’ module was offered several times but there was no interest. The Learn to Ride module has been extremely successful, and we will apply for additional funding in this area.

Frog lights have been purchased and will be issued at schools where L2 and L3 Bikeability takes place to encourage safer cycling as the vast majority of children do not have lights on their bikes.

  1. Walsall & Wolverhampton Strategic Cycling Role

As part of a progression towards a shared Strategic Transportation Service between Wolverhampton and Walsall TP now has responsibility for Strategic Cycling matters in Walsall in addition to previous responsibilities

  1. Wolves on Wheels

Since the previous cycle forum Wolves on Wheels have submitted a response to the i9 planning application, commending the facilities envisaged for employees who commute by bike; also commented on the routes for cyclists required by the traffic diversions during the latest Metro work. We are starting to see new faces at our monthly meetings including visitors from other groups with an interest in promoting cycling.

SY has raised again the question of obstruction of the Tettenhall Road cycle lane particularly in the vicinity of the Girls’ High School at the end of the school day. The cycle lane is advisory but has Traffic Regulation Orders covering various times and limitations for its whole length. Investigation has shown that although the Traffic Regulation Orders in this and some other sections of Tettenhall Road include both “no waiting” and “no loading”, the “no loading” markings are not clearly visible. Although the signage is clear it is considered important to renew fully the markings in advance of any enforcement activity. This has been included in the schedule to happen in this quarter.

  1. Sustrans – no report

  1. Canals & Rivers Trust

In terms of an update, both MST2 Wolverhampton schemes are now complete to tarmac and contractors will return to complete the tar spray and chip in the near future. We have completed in Dudley as far as the north portal of Coseley Tunnel.  Work has now begun at the Smethwick end and is likely to take much of the summer due to the distance. 

  1. Any Other Business

    1. Forum Meetings 2018-19 proposed dates – July 17 (Tues), October 18 (Thurs), Jan 15 (Tues), April 25 (Thurs)

    2. Cycle Parking

 Those present:
Steve Young
David Wilson
Mike Jenkins

Sheena Jenkins


Station Parking: SY & MJ have kept in close contact with Tim Philpott (WCC). Latest information available went out in June newsletter, updates will go on Facebook, Twitter, website when received.

 Wheels for All: See WOW facebook (via website if not a FB user) for report. MJ will check with organiser who volunteers should contact.

 Ride Leader Insurance: MJ would clarify what effect, if any, our change of structure (from paid membership to supporters) has on the insurance available as part of our affiliation to Cycling UK. No plans to organise regular rides, but it would be useful if we want to run 'infrastructure survey' rides or other events.

 Events: We did not do anything for Bike Week or Wolverhampton University Health Fair. Idea for the future would be to have a 'jumble sale' table at someone else's event, raising profile and some money.

 Systems re-org/GDPR: SY continuing work on this. New supporters will have to separately contact Tim Philpott if they wish to be added to the Cycle Forum mailing list.

 BikeShed: Will not be able to offer same level of service as previously. Adjustments and basic repairs only, cannot accept donated bikes unless in near working order. MJ would alert Wildside's bike worker to see if they can pick up the slack.

 Other Matters discussed in brief
Western Orbital Motorway, WMP 'Close Pass' initiative, Newsletter timing, August Venue, WMCA Cycle Design Guidance training day.

West Midland Combined Authority - Cycle Design Guidance

Notes following non-technical training day held 4/6/18 at Transport for West Midlands offices, Summer Lane, Birmingham.

This was one of four sessions held in the West Midlands. I got to go on this one as I am on the Bike West Midland Network mailing list.

The instructor was Adrian Lord of Phil Jones Associates, a transport planning consultancy with expertise in cycling who prepared the Guidance document.

(The document itself is available from the TfWM website. Caution - it is nearly 16 MB. If you want to get a flavour the Light Rail Supplement is much smaller and might be useful to look at in our dealings over the Metro extension to the rail station)

Ironically, AL was late, his planned train having been cancelled and having to swap to car.

Possibly for this reason we didn't get the normal round of introductions or attendance sheet passed round so I don't have a record of who was there. Many were TfWM or WMCA including Mitch Robertson (Robinson?), there was someone from CRT (George Horace?) plus a few 'cycling' bods. Twelve altogether including AL.

Points made by AL:

The document is guidance, not mandatory.

It is how to do something, not why it should be done.

Painted (on-road) lanes don't do much for safety but they will encourage the 'near market'; then lanes with greater segregation (eg kerbs) are then politically feasible. In London the Cycle Highways had a lag from 'build' to 'use' of about 3 years.

Town centres are having to re-invent themselves due to the fall in retail; making a more pleasant environment is valuable.

Thinking is moving away from 'opportunity lead' (ie here's a canal, lets upgrade the towpath) to 'demand lead' (ie people want to go here). This requires data from various sources such as census and travel plans.

250/400 m spacing of links, dependent on geography.

Opening up existing bus lanes for cycling apparently does not attract people new to cycling. Need a separate cycle lane or modify to avoid 'sweet spot' width (1)

No hard data available for what design works best under different conditions for cycle lanes having priority across side roads.

A review conducted of 'light separation' concluded that some sort of bollard is required (in addition to whatever kerb is provided).

Stopping/starting at give ways is the equivalent effort of cycling 200m (2)

There is a lot more use now of mixed level lanes ie step down from footway to cycleway to road.

Watch where the cyclists go in any given layout to form an idea of where the facility needs to be provided (this was amply demonstrated when we went out to look at a couple of local junctions)


(1) Under 3m (too narrow to allow bus to overtake unless it moves out of lane) or over 4m (bus can overtake safely)
(2) ie if you have to give way every 200m then the journey will feel twice as long.


M.Jenkins 6/6/18

WOW Meeting 16th May 2018

Those present:
Steve Young
Mike Jenkins

David Wilson


Railway Station

MJ to email Tim Philpott drawing attention to continuing concerns over continuity of cycle parking provision during building work.
SY to alert Sustrans to latest changes to cycle routing along Railway Dr. due to Metro extension.


Newcross Hospital Cycle Parking

SJ's tally of publicly accessible parking (73 spaces over 8 locations, 11% usage on one snapshot) suggests that provision for outpatients/visitors is probably adequate at the moment. Need to concentrate our efforts on finding out what would encourage more employees to commute by bike.


Future Meetings

Keep to pattern of varying between town centre, suburbs and trying out new venues. The Lych Gate is already on the calendar for June so provisonal choices:

July: The Chindit?
August: Somewhere new. The Railway at Codsall? - not within Wolverhampton, just over the border into S.Staffs but would be a nice ride in hopefully good weather to entice a few long standing supporters along.
September: Back to the town centre - The Great Western?
October: This will be our AGM so probably The Combermere.


New FAQ topics on website.

MJ would draft one on Planning



SY reported work ongoing.


Wheels for All(1)

MJ to make contact, let them know what we have done to promote it.


(1) Wheels For All


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