Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

Draft Agenda

Tuesday 16 January, 6pm

Conference Room, Council Office,
Victoria Square, Wolverhampton

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WOW Meeting 11th April 2018

Those Present:
John Bladon
Sheena Jenkins
Nick Squires
David Wilson
Steve Young
Mike Jenkins


Cycle Forum
MJ would include in the WOW Report: Metro diversion feedback, i9 response, new faces/visitors to our monthly meetings.

Others items to raise at forum: Wyreley & Essington towpath improvements, BikeShare - progress, job offer.


Clean Air Day
SY will try to attend 16/4/18 meeting in Digbeth
Consider inviting Andrea Cantrill to give a short talk on her experience of placing air pollution monitors locally. Invite other groups? (eg Wolverhampton FOE)
SY to investigate who to contact to nudge WCC to support.


SY will write 'What is a Cycle Hub article'
Tweet enquiry from a Solihill commuter admiring our rail station cycle parking survey. SY will offer to host a page for them.


Proposals for another multi-storey car park at New Cross Hospital prompted discussion about what cycle provision would be necesary to encourage employees/visitors/outpatients to cycle rather than drive there. SY will draft a survey for next meeting. SJ will tally the number of publically accessible cycle parking places. Need to watch out for planning application and check the Transport plan and any sign of secure cycle parking provision.


Also discussed but no actions: Sustrans Big Pedal , GDPR, topics for future newsletters (Suggestions for venues, FAQs for website)

MJ 13/04/18


Wolverhampton Pothole

Following a Freedom of Information request by national cycle campaign Cycling UK, for 2013-2017 Wolverhampton Council spent £131,011 in Legal and Compensation costs.

5 claims from the period were from cyclists, compared to 62 motorists.

Read more: The Cost of Not Filling Potholes

Those Present

John Bladon

Dan Robertson (Midlands Sustrans Volunteer Co-ordinator)

Steve Young

David Wilson

Mike Jenkins


General Data Protection Regulations: SY will set out in a future newsletter how the way we treat personal information satisfies the requirements of this forthcoming legislation.


MJ will send a response (1) in support of the planning application for the i9 office building at the top of Railway Drive. The proposals have good cycle provision for employees.

(The artists impression show a flat surface for Railway Dr. ie no kerbs; this is different from what we last heard when discussing the Metro proposals at the Cycle Forum. Need to check)


Rob Marris had drawn attention to reports (2) that the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured where the road surface is a contributory factor is steadily increasing.

Initial actions:

  • Make a more prominent link on the WOW website to pothole reporting sites.

  • Add an item to next Cycle Forum agenda (in particular how does the council use the powers it has to compel utility companies to make good defective repairs)

Need to investigate a venue for our June meeting, the Vine in Wednesfield was suggested as a possiblity.


Hari had emailed to say he has completed his move to Birmingham so will no longer be able to attend. He noted how he had enjoyed our company and intends to continue campaigning.


Other Matters discussed (but no actions noted): South Staffs Cycle Scheme, NCN 81 Albrighton – Telford, West Midlands Cycle Charter Action Plan, Pipers Row diversions (Princess St barriers), Parking in cycle lane outside Girls High School.


  1. Now on website https://wolvesonwheels.org.uk/latest/506-response-to-i9-office-block-planning-application

  2. As referred to in https://www.cyclinguk.org/press-release/390-cyclists-killed-or-seriously-injured-2007-due-potholes

MJ 16/03/18

This is a copy of the Wolves on Wheels response in support of the i9 planning application (application 18/00147/FUL if you want to look it up on the planning portal on the council website).

Background Information


Wolves on Wheels Cycle Campaign supports this application because of the contribution it should make to sustainable transport in the city and for the example of good practice that it sets.

We welcome the good provision made for employees cycling to the building: sufficient undercover parking places accessible only via a security door; availability of changing rooms and showers; provision of tools at reception.

The building is conveniently accessible by off road cycle routes provided by the shared use pavement alongside the ring road and well surfaced canal towpath.

Together these factors should provide the opportunity and encouragement for employees of all levels of confidence and ability to choose cycling as a means of commuting short distances.

We are, however, surprised and disappointed that there is no parking provision for customers choosing to cycle to the ground floor cafes and restaurants. We hope this lack will be rectified as the project progresses by including some cycle stands in a convenient and prominent location or the developer committing to contribute to nearby cycle parking provision in the public realm.

Mike Jenkins

(Chair, Wolves on Wheels Cycle Campaign)


Those present

Andrea Cantrill (Wolverhampton Green Party)

David Wilson

Nick Squires

Steve Young

Mike Jenkins

Cycling Matters Discussed

We have used CoWC Highways Technical Guidance Note to good effect in responses to planning applications, particularly the section on cycle parking. In any future revisions we need to ensure it includes current best practice. SY noted that Coventry Council's equivalent document included statements to the effect that schemes including filtered permeability would be preferred. SY and MJ were aware of Wheels for Wellbeing's guidelines for inclusive cycling which contained useful material.

 The date for the next WOW meeting is set (14/02/18) but not the venue. We should have a review, open to the wider supporter base to look at other venues to add to the current regulars.


Matters to Raise at 16/01/18 Cycle Forum

 Chair Report: Feedback given on Market Cycle Parking design; WOW response to Royal Hospital planning application; Dec/Christmas Social.

 Review of CoWC Active Travel Strategy: Uptake within Council Depts; Role of Cycle Champion; Any Public Health Funding for council's 'War on Obesity'?


No business to report as this meeting was our end of year gathering to which we invited other local groups who have an interest in promoting cycling. Attendance was lower than we had hoped due to the weather, but nevertheless we were pleased to be able to welcome cyclists from WolvesBUG, Wolverhampton Cycle Forum and Bike West Midland Network.

May we wish you all a Merry Christmas and safe and enjoyable cycling in the coming year.


Mike Jenkins

Chair, Wolves on Wheels


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