Location / Time

The Combermere, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton

7pm, prior to social meeting.

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 Notes of Meeting

Tuesday 18 July, 6pm

Committee Room 1, Members’ Suite, Third Floor
Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton

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Record Note of Wolves on Wheels Meeting held 13/09/17 at the Lych Gate Tavern

Those Present: David Wilson, Harinder Aujla, Steve Young, Mike Jenkins

Apologies received:


Station Building from cyclists viewpoint Consultation (from Tim Philpott, Cycle Forum)

MJ would respond. To include:

  • No weaving round obstructions

  • Automatic entrance doors

  • Room to look at departure boards without obstructing other passengers

  • Space to prop bike beside ticket machines while purchasing

  • More than one gate to platform wide enough to allow bikes through

  • Note that some of these points apply to other users as well (wheelchairs, pushchairs etc)

Display Materials

HA offered to produce designs for posters to be put up at meeting venues in advance ie “WOW will be meeting here on ...”


Public Consultation – Housing Development at Royal Hospital site

MJ would try to attend this. Questions to raise:

  • Cycle parking; residents, customers, employees.

  • Maintenance/improvement of cycle friendly through route from Ring Rd to Bilston Rd

Future Meetings

  • Preference for set time each month

  • Preference for second rather than first Wednesday of each month

Meetings will be 11/10/17, 8/11/17, 13/12/17, 10/1/18 and possibly 14/2/18. Need to avoid venues popular for meals for Dec. & Feb. dates.

SY made provisional booking during the meeting for Combermere on 11/10/17 (AGM) and will confirm.


M.Jenkins 24/9/17



(NB. Following the SGM in July formal Agendas and Minutes for meeting will not be prepared except for the AGM. Record notes summarising decisions taken and action points will be taken, see draft below for recent meeting. I have sent this to those present and a couple of others; if you spot any errors/omissions can you let me know and I will amend and distribute to the supporter base prior to the next meeting)


Wolves on Wheels Meeting held at the Great Western on 16/08/17

Present: Nick Squires, David Wilson, Jon Rice, Sheena Jenkins, Steve Young, Harinder Aujla, Alistair Hopkins, Mike Jenkins.

Apologies for Absence: Julia Brant.



  • There was discussion of the draft West Midland Cycle Design Guidelines.

  • Consultation for the Black Country Core Strategy is taking place, cycling is relevant to several sections. Link to the documents can be found on the council website here:


  • JR will contact Andy Street (WM Mayor) drawing attention to seeming lack of progress on cycling matters in comparison to Manchester.

  • MJ will plan a local ride to take in examples of recently installed cycle routes as examples of better infrastructure starting to become more common.

Display Materials

  • WoW 'business cards' are still current and usable.

  • The A5 fliers could be made usable by application of a label on the flip side highlighting the change to a free supporter basis. DW was happy that his postal address could remain and he would forward any enquiries received.

  • We have had a set of free-standing display boards for several years (free from Wildside Activity Centre when they upgraded) but have never used them. They will be given to Wolverhampton Bike Shed who have indicated they can make use of them.

  • We will still have two 2'x3' display boards suitable for pinning or velcro attachment which could be used as part of a stall if required.

Organisational Matters

  • The bulk of WoW's funds have been withdrawn from the Co-op and paid into a separate account held by JR. DW wrote to Co-op two weeks ago requesting closure of the account and payment of the residue (£3.20) in accordance with the bank's procedures but no reply yet. JR will chase.

  • SY will redesign the front page of the WoW website to make it more user friendly for those accessing via phones or tablets which is likely to be the majority these days, and add an enrolment page for new supporters.

Next Meeting

Provisionally Wednesday 13th September at the Lych Gate



Update no. 1 at 20 July 2017 - Replacing Constitution Update 5 at 5 October 2008


1. The name of the organisation shall be: “Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign”, abbreviated to “WoWcc” or “WOW”.


2. The aims and objectives of Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign shall be:

  • a. To work towards creating a cycling culture in the Wolverhampton area.
  • b. To advocate and help to implement high quality cycle-friendly infrastructure and trip end facilities, recognising the whole standard highway network as the cycle network.
  • c. To lobby and collaborate with local, regional and national government as well as other agencies and organisations, in furtherance of the following issues:
    • (1) The rights of cyclists and cycle users
    • (2) The promotion of cycling as a mode of transport available to all
    • (3) Road safety including the education of all road users
    • (4) The integration of cycling with other modes of public transport.
  • d. To promote cycle training for all.


3a. Any person who is interested in helping the group to achieve its aims and willing to abide by the rules of this constitution is welcome as a supporter of the organisation. Each supporter shall have one vote at meetings where a vote is held.

3b. Any supporter whose conduct is deemed to be contrary to the aims and objectives of the organisation, or to have brought the organisation into disrepute, may be expelled by a Special General Meeting called for the purpose.


4. At its Annual General Meeting, the organisation shall elect officers to manage its activities. The organisation’s financial responsibility is vested in the officers. Once elected, office is held until the following year’s Annual General Meeting.

5. The officers to be elected are:

a. Campaign Chair
b. Campaign Secretary

6. Functions of officers

a. Campaign Chair:
Lead campaigner with executive responsibility for campaigning action, including delegation of tasks to other active members.

b. Secretary:
Responsible for receiving and conducting correspondence, maintaining supporter list and disseminating information within the organisation.

Responsible for maintaining records of the organisation’s financial transactions and keeping records in a form adequate to carry out an on-demand inspection of the accounts by any supporter.

7. The organisation may appoint campaign officers and set up working groups at any time and for periods to be agreed.


8a. Meetings shall be informal, except for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any Special General Meetings (SGM).

8b. Voting at all meetings shall be by simple majority of members present. In the event of a tied vote, the Chair of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

8c. Notes from meetings should be passed to supporters as soon as possible afterwards, and notice of meetings given on a monthly basis by email.


9a. The organisation shall hold an AGM each year in autumn.

9b. The AGM is open to all supporters of Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign and invited guests.

The AGM shall carry out the following tasks:

9c. Receive and adopt an annual report from the Campaign Chair on the organisation’s activities since the last AGM.

9d. Receive and approve a statement of balance, income and expenditure of the group since the previous AGM.

9e. Elect officers for the year following.

9f. The constitution shall be reviewed at each AGM to ensure still fit for purpose (eg. quorums and financial responsibilities).

9g. The quorum for an Annual General Meeting shall be: 2 elected officers, plus 2 other supporters.

9h. A Special General Meeting may be called at the Campaign Chair’s discretion, or at the instigation of at least 4 supporters, in writing to the Secretary, to deal with a major issue or emergency. At least 7 days’ notice shall be given to supporters. The quorum for a Special General Meeting shall be the same as for an Annual General Meeting.

10. On formal notification of an AGM, the secretary shall call for a chair for the meeting and appoint as per response.

11. The organisation’s financial year shall run from AGM to AGM.

12. The Constitution can only be amended at an Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose. Proposals to amend the Constitution may be submitted to the appointed chair as agenda items.


13. Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign may be dissolved by the passing of such a resolution at an Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose. In the event of a dissolution, any assets remaining after discharging of liabilities will pass to a like organisation to be decided at the time of dissolution.


14. Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign is an inclusive organisation which promotes equal opportunity in all its activities. Within the framework of activities in furtherance of the constitutional Aims and Objectives of Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign, the following principles are observed:

  • a. That no individuals or groups should be disadvantaged by reason of ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, class, income, employment status or religious belief.
  • b. That opportunities for all individuals and groups in the community should be increased.
  • c. That the diversity of the community should be celebrated and valued.

The equal opportunities policy applies to relations with all individuals and groups with which Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign is involved, whether as participants, service providers or collaborators of any kind.

New Constitution formally adopted by Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign at its meeting on 20th July 2017.


The Combermere Arms, 90 Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton WV3 0TY
Thursday 20th July 2017, 6.30 pm

Read more: WoW Special General Meeting 20th July 2017

WoW Campaign Meeting July 2017

Starts 18 30 PM, Wednesday 05 July 2017

Location The Combermere, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton WV3 0TY

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wolves on Wheels Campaign Meeting.

Several WoWcc officers are departing or resigning hence the agenda item “New Campaign Regime”.
The campaign will need a new organization to work with reduced manpower resources, and options for change will be discussed.

Read more: WoW Campaign Meeting 5th July 2017

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