Space for Cycling's 6 themes

  1. Protected space on main roads
  2. Removing through motor traffic in residential areas
  3. Lower speed limits
  4. Cycle-friendly town centres
  5. Safe routes to school
  6. Routes through green spaces

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Space for Cycling depends on the location, with different solutions in urban and rural areas alike.

Each Wolverhampton ward will probably have at least 1 of the 6 themes relevant, if not more. 

The national CTC campaign is being supported by local groups countrywide, spearheaded by the London Cycling Campaign.

You can support the Campaign with this easy way to email your local councillor

It's essential that Wolverhampton Councillors know about the importance of #Space4Cycling.


If you're a councillor, please sign up to support the campaign !

CTC Report  : Space for Cycling for Decision Makers ( Councillors / MP's / Council )

Making Space for Cycling : A guide for new developments and street renewals


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