• Cycle Culture

  • Cycling for Health

    By 2050, the NHS cost of overweight and obesity could rise to £9.7 billion, with the wider cost to society being £49.9 billion.

    Cycling is the best form of aerobic exercise that is non-load bearing on the joints.

  • Design Best Practice

    Space for Cycling - A Guide for Local Decision Makers (October 2016 update) : space_for_cycling_guide_for_decision_makers.pdf ( via CyclingUK )



    Cycling deserves the best it can get for vehicular cycling and for nervous shared-use cycling to thrive.

    Cycling Englands previous resources are now located at the CILT.

  • Elections

  • Infrastructure

    If you're an official of WCC and you want some project ideas to help cycling in the borough look in here!

    Measures that give convenience, advantage and means of promoting Vehicular Cycling per the National Cycle Training Standards (taught by WCC's own cycling instructors) are the class of work we're seeking.

    If you're a local cyclist and we've missed your good idea then please tell us.

  • Local Groups

    Sandwell : http://www.sandwell.gov.uk/cycling
  • Shires

  • Sustrans NCN81

    ncn81 sign lichfield st.jpg
    • Sustrans enables people to choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys.
    • The charity has many projects but is most famous for the National Cycle Network.
    • The Network consists of off-road routes, selected minor roads, together with urban routes improved to help cyclists.
    • The group who look after the network between Smethwick, Wolverhampton and Albrighton is part of WoW.
  • Training

    Tips for teaching children and adults to cycle

    ·        Teaching your child to ride a balance bike - Cycling UK

    ·        Teaching your child to cycle without stabilisers - Sustrans

    ·        Teaching adults to cycle - Cycling UK

  • Up a Gear

  • Wolverhampton Council

  • Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

    An opportunity for residents and cycling groups to meet Council Officers and discuss issues relating to cycling within the city.

    Since 2004, past and ongoing topics have included the provision of cycle training, cycle maps and routes across the city, as well as how the cycling infrastructure can be improved.

    In addition to Wolverhampton residents and Council Officers, recent representatives have included

    • Wolverhampton's CTC Cycle Champion
    • Wolverhampton Wheelers
    • Bike Right
    • WolvesBUG
    • Wolves on Wheels

    Guest speakers have included representatives from

    • British Cycling
    • Centro
    • Staffordshire County Council
    • WCC Traffic Planning

    The Forum meets every three months with additional meetings of sub-committees to discuss specific topics; for example the extension of the Metro line to the railway station.

    To register for cycle forum updates or for more information on the forum, please email Tim.Philpot@wolverhampton.gov.uk.

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