UPDATE 9th Dec 2016: Statement from City of Wolverhampton Council :

"The replacement of Wolverhampton Rail Station and its surroundings and the Metro Extension are key elements in developing a high-quality Transport Interchange serving all travellers. The project has met with challenges particularly in respect of space limitations, and initial plans have of necessity been modified as the project has progressed. However the project’s partners remain committed to enhanced provision for cycle storage in keeping with the spirit of the original plans.

Although plans remain to be finalised, it is anticipated that by the completion of the Station and Metro Extension works, the provision of cycle storage in the vicinity will match existing provision. Following this further opportunities will be explored for additional provision in development areas such as the Banana Yard, Sack Works and Steam Mill, working towards the total previously identified.

In addition it is now intended that the footpath on the south side of Railway Drive will generally remain open during the works, although occasional closure may be necessary.

For efficient management, further email enquiries should be routed via City Direct This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "

Original Article as per info available 8th Dec 2016 :

According to the latest Wolverhampton Cycle Forum notes, numerous alterations have been made to the plans for the new railway station.  With a month until the new access road and car parks open, current proposed cycle parking is for just 14 bikes, 7% of the planning application total.

"At this stage the only clear cycle parking is 7 covered hoops (14 spaces) adjacent to the multi-storey car park wall" .... "Other locations have been considered" ... "but as yet no commitments have been made to specific numbers or locations."

The Transport Assessment in the approved planning application states :

"A total of 200 cycle parking spaces will be provided in the vicinity of the rail station"

"This comprises 12 in the drop-off consented scheme, 24 in the forecourt by the tram platform, and 36 on the railway station platforms. The remaining spaces will be provided within the car park, as well as spaces being provided at the Banana Yard and Steam Mill."

bike racks outside station 2013 10 09 x

Current Cycle Parking . . .

. . . Will all go.

Platform parking will remain during the station works however will be removed as a counter-terrorism measure in line with expected growth in passenger numbers, The DfT is looking for a 40 year station life, rather than retro-fit in 5 years time.

Existing open air parking at the front of the station will be removed to make way for the Midland Metro, although we are unsure why the original plan for 24 spaces by the Metro platform have disappeared.

In the Design and Access Statement for Wolverhampton Interchange Car Park Extension & Drop-off Area ( October 2014 ),

The proposal is to provide caged cycle storage in the ground floor of the car park dedicated to station use. In addition Sheffield hoops will be provided in front of the redeveloped station in the station forecourt ..

The final plan for the 800+ space car park however confirms 0 cycle or motor-cycle parking.

20141028 141619 x 500

What can I do about this?


Email enquiries should be routed via City Direct This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please let us know ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) if you get a response!

Bike Parking already Busy

For a project with a 40 year design life, parking for even 200 bikes now seems a tad on the low side.

The Action Plan within the "Framework Travel Plan" states :

"The developer will ensure that adequate cycle parking is provided for users of the station. . "

Passenger movements through the station are expected to double within the next 10 years while Wolverhampton Council and Transport for West Mids have an aspiration to quadruple bike modal share much earlier than that.

p1 5 x

A WoW cycle count on 28th November 2016 spotted 52 bikes at the station, 113% of current sheltered bike storage capacity, although summer counts were much higher. This however enables a comparison to a very similar date / time in 2014 when 22 bikes were counted, a 236% increase in 2 years.

If this trend continues, excluding summer peak, the 200 spaces would run out in 2021 ish, not even a tenth of the way through the station design life.

Car Parking Prioritised

The new multi-storey car-park at the station opens on 8th January 2017 with an extra 351 spaces, taking visitor car parking at the site to over 800, approx 60 car parking spaces for every cycle space.

The new road from Corn Hill / Ring Road will undoubtedly make it easier for cars to access the station while reducing congestion and vastly improving air quality in the City Centre.

station access map1On the same date however, Railway Drive will close for cyclists heading over the bridge to and from the City Centre for a minimum of 18 months, something which was a bit of a surprise to everyone.

Cyclists can either follow the cars down Cornhill, or wheel bikes past the Bus station and across the pedestrian footbridge. Either way allow extra time on your commute.

National Cycle Network Route 81 will be diverted along Broad Street for the duration of the works until Railway Drive is re-opened for bikes, expected towards the start of 2019.

Many WoW members used the Transport Assessment to make a decision on whether or not to respond to the new station planning application.

Does this now mean that we have to campaign on every single large application to ensure cycle parking is included as a development condition?


Notes from October Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

Wolverhampton Council - Railway Station Rebuild Planning Application
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Details for the multi-storey car park can be found on the related applications tab. The final ground floor plan is different to the one shown in the Railway Station Application.

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