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With various schemes in progress around Wolverhampton Railway station, we've been monitoring the various cycle parking locations.

The more survey results that we get in, the more accurate the overall results so please get involved, if possible embed into your commute?

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If you are not adding live details, please add the date + time of your count in the comments box.

Email address is purely for validation purposes and will not be used for any other purpose by WoW, however you may be contacted to validate your submissions if email not on the WoW member email list.

General comments also welcome - eg, would parking be easier if all in one place rather being scattered around?

Open-Air at Front

bike racks outside station 2013 10 09

19 x Sheffield Stands ( 38 parking spaces ).

Why leave your bike out in the rain?  Who knows, but some people do.  Quiet in the winter, however a popular choice in the summer months.  Please also check the walkway from the station entrance to the underpass :

station front subway

5 x Lamp-post protectors ( 0 spaces )

Not cycle parking due to the very thin metal, however sometimes bikes parked there.

Please also include any bikes "fly" parked, ie, locked to something random.

Shelter at Front

station front sheltered

5 x M Stands ( 10 spaces )

Announced by VT in November 2013 and installed October 2014 following a WoW campaign for more cycle parking at the station, although suffering from poor lighting conditions now that cars are not circulating the perimeter.

Shelter by Motorbike Parking / Taxi Rank / Car Drop-Off

rail station 20170331 130608

7 x Sheffield Stands ( 14 spaces )

Opened 8th Jan 2017 as part of the Railway Station development, these stands have excellent lighting, obvious CCTV, are highly visible at the front of the Taxi Rank and drop-off point, and perfect for hobbits.

Platform 1 by Platform 5

rail station p1 p5 20170404 132721

8 x Sheffield Stands ( 16 spaces, just. )

Definitely rain-proof, however not recommended for chunky bikes, very tightly spaced.

Platform 1 / Platform 6

station plat6

Originally 10 x M Stands + barrier on Plat 6 side ( 20 sheltered spaces )

Installed as a temporary measure in November 2014 following a WoW campaign for more cycle parking at the station, we were advised back then that these would be removed as part of the rail station redevelopment.

Reduced to 5 stands from 25th April 2018

Remember the barrier rail on the right of the shelter by Platform 6 !

The bike lockers at the main car entrance to the multi-storey car-park had been out of service since approx. 2008 for various reasons.

Photo's taken with permission from Virgin Trains Wolverhampton.

Cycles Parked Wolverhampton Train Station
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